Unlock process optimization for your startup

Get your team's workflow, planning and delivery processes running like a well-oiled machine.

Why you need us
The resource for a small team, turning chaos into control.

We can create strategies to improve workflows, enhance communication, predict change and eliminate redundancies.

Who are you?
  • Your development process is chaotic
  • Your projects have no long-term direction
  • Unnecessary communication often occurs in your team
What we do
How we optimize processes
Manage Projects
  • Agile Project Managment
  • Project scope and timeline
  • Project schedule
  • (roadmap and milestones)

  • Resources planning
  • Project plan 
  • Risks managment
  • Project reports
Plan Workflows
  • Defining custom
  • strategy and workflow processes

  • Automating workflows
  • Configuring tools for work managment
  • Creating backlogs, work boards & wikis
  • The plan of meetings and ceremonies
  • Maintenance manual
  • Agile workflows
Tools we use
You don't have to change your
favorite tools

We will adapt

How we do it
From now on you will always know what the plan is

These are the steps we follow to optimize the processes your stratup has

Step 1
Exploratory Call
Step 2
Step 3
The action plan
Step 4
Step 5
Who is your process consultant?

Hi I'm Ioana, the owner. You can find below what I have done over the years

13+ years
in Software Development
7+ years
as a Delivery Manager
6+ years
as a Project Manager
4+ years
of long-lasting collaboration
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